Maryland has the cheapest and most affordable cities in all of the U.S. The state is known for having beautiful landscapes, blue crabs, a major historic trading port, and Cape Cod homes. With growing cities across the state, Maryland has been a hot spot for young people who want to work for large companies and families who want the traditional home for less. Americans spend an average of 35% of their income on housing costs. Location is the biggest contributor to housing prices across the nation.

Property Records of Maryland created a list of cheap homes across Maryland that have dropped in price during the pandemic but are steadily rising. In the past year homes across the state have gone up 7.8%. According to online reports, a typical single-family home in Maryland is $373,260. Here is a list of the top cheapest cities across Maryland.

1. Brunswick, MD

Brunswick is known for being the home to a commuter rail station serving Washington D.C., a model railroad, historic sights, and museums. As of 2021, there are 8,046 residents with the largest ethnic group of White Americans. A two-bedroom home in Brunswick goes for an average of $399,900, according to

2. Cumberland, MD

Cumberland just like other cities in this list is a small town, the motto of this city is “Come for a Visit, Stay for Life”. This little town of 19,490 residents is only a few hours from large cities like Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and Washington. Cumberland sits in the middle of the Maryland Route 68 state highway which makes it easy to commute to larger surrounding cities. This city is great for athletic people like cyclists due to the hills and dirt. Rent in Cumberland is an average of $700 a month, talk about cheap.

3. Aberdeen, MD

Aberdeen is located in the top part of Maryland a few miles from the Delaware state line. The city is famous for being the home to the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground also known as APG. Aberdeen has a low crime rate with great schools which makes it great for people who want to start a family. According to Zillow, the median home value is $312,521 as of 2022. At this price, it’s pretty affordable to buy a home in this town.

4. Hampstead, MD

Hampstead is a town in Carroll County with over 6,300 residents. This is the right place to raise a family since the crime rate is slow. The town sits 20 minutes away from the Pennsylvania state line. According to Redfin, the median sale price is $390,000 as of 2022. The affordable housing market in Hampstead makes it easy for first-time homebuyers to purchase a home. People from New York, San Francisco, Louisville, and Kansas City are known to migrate to this area. Compared to other cities in the area Hampstead is a great deal for your buck.

5. Thurmont, MD

Located 15 minutes away from the Pennsylvania state line, Thurmont is a great city that has one of Maryland’s biggest highways. The U.S. Route 15 goes from Frederick to Pennsylvania, which makes it a city with an easy commute. This city is one of the most affordable on the list with a median real estate of $302,000. You can get a 3-bedroom house for cheap. The city currently has a population of 6,450 residents.

6. Walkersville, MD

Walkersville is a small town in Frederick County that’s 15 minutes away from downtown Frederick. The town is quiet and friendly which makes it great for people who want to start a family with little money that wants to get away from the big city. Walkersville has a population of over 6,360 residents. According to Redfin, the median sale price is $370,000 as of 2022. This city is cheap compared to the larger surrounding cities.

7. Poolesville, MD

Poolesville is a town in Montgomery County with a population of over 5,700 residents. The town has a rural feel with a lot of parks across town. The median real estate is $429,750 with 28 median days in the market. Poolesville is cheap and affordable for first-time homebuyers that want to get their foot in the market. The town is located a few miles away from the Virginia state line. There have been reports that banks approve mortgages at a higher rate in small towns than in larger cities, even though there is a higher demand in bigger large cities.

8. Frostburg, MD

The Frostburg State University sits in the middle of Frostburg. The city is a hot spot for college students that want cheap living spaces. Frostburg is in Allegany County as the head of Georges Creek Valley. The Pennsylvania state line is only 15 minutes away from downtown Frostburg, with a population of over 7,040 residents the city is able to provide to students and families of all types. As of 2020, the median income is $13,032 and the median sale price of homes is $224,000.

9. Taneytown, MD

Taneytown is one of Maryland’s most affordable towns where you can live there for next to nothing. The town has a population of over 7,280 residents as of 2022. The median income is $32,740 and the median home value is $358,430, according to Zillow. Taneytown is known for the Bullfrog Road Bridge which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

10. Mount Airy, MD (Mt Airy)

Don’t think Mount Airy is expensive because it was placed in 10th place. Mount Airy is only 17 miles away from downtown Frederick. Interstate 70 makes it easy for residents to commute to larger surrounding cities. With a population of over 9,750 residents, Mount Airy is one of the most populated small towns in Maryland. The median size community has everything including restaurants, schools, entertainment, and parks. The median income is $50,920 as of 2020, and the median home sale price is $487,500, according to Redfin.