Curb appeal is something many homeowners spend a lot of time and money perfecting. A good-looking house isn’t just memorable it’s appealing to the eye. Over the years homeowners have found affordable ways to improve curb appeal with the help of the Internet and YouTube. Curb appeal catches buyers’ and people’s eyes. Ever since people realized how crucial the face or front of the house is homeowners have been finding ways to improvise.

Curb Appeal is What Sells

First impressions are everything – well at least when it comes to selling and buying property. Homeowners don’t only want a well-designed interior; they also want a house with great curb appeal. The home should include an amazing front yard, driveway, and landscape. For those who are buying and selling online curb appeal is important too, the first thing buyers are going to want to see is the front of the home. You need to be able to “Wow” buyers and sellers from the curb.

Not Letting Sunshine In

Sunshine makes a house feel like home. Letting in the sunshine is one of the most satisfying things you could do to let natural light in. Make sure to clean the windows by using the proper window cleaner; if you’re unable to clean high windows hire a professional to do it before you hurt yourself. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Taking Bad or Unprofessional Pictures

Start by taking great pictures that will WOW people. The biggest mistake that I see over and over again is bad photography. Bad pictures will scare off potential buyers. Start by getting your hands on a decent DSLR camera, you don’t have to buy a brand new one you could borrow one from a friend. DSLR cameras are known for taking great quality pictures that point and shoot cameras and cellphones can’t.

Cellphone pictures are great for selfies and cute pictures of your puppy but that’s about it. After you get your hands on a DSLR you’re ready to start shooting. The best time to take pictures of homes is around noon-time, around noon the sun is right above the house and will have great lighting to show the great curb appeal. After a few pictures, you are ready to post them online.

Not Acting Like a Buyer

The best way to see your home for what it really is is to act as a buyer yourself, according to Property Records of Maryland. When you act like a buyer you see the house from a different point of view. Walk around the house and act like a family man or woman who needs certain things from a home for the kids and dogs. When you walk around the house take notes of what needs to be repaired, replaced, or even cleaned. Another great way to act as a buyer is to drive by the house and see it like by-passers and potential homebuyers will see it as you might see something you’ve never seen or noticed before.

Not Fixing or Replacing the Front Door

The front door is one of the first things people see when they look at a house. By not replacing a front door you might be telling a potential buyer that thieves or crooks could easily enter the home when they please. The front door should be up-to-date and strong enough to withhold any potential break-ins. The front door should also be welcoming and not feel like a prison gate.

The Address Numbers are Hidden

When buyers are looking for an address they will be looking for an address number if the house number is hidden or hard to see they will keep driving. If you decide to leave the current house numbers make sure to clean them and make them more visible by cutting the bushes or plants covering them.

Not Getting a Second Opinion

Not getting a second opinion from another person is a big “no”. Many homeowners get used to certain defects like a broken doorbell, chipped paint, and dried grass patches. These defects might not be a big deal to the seller but many new homeowners have children and pets. Get a second opinion from a friend or relative to repair what you missed. When they let you know their opinion make sure to fix it or replace it right away before you forget.