What are the safest cities in Maryland? Maryland known as the “Old Line State” or the “Free State,” is renowned for its rich history, stunning coastal regions, and diverse culture. Over the years, several cities within Maryland have garnered attention for their low crime rates and community safety measures. Here’s a list of some of the safest cities in Maryland based on recent crime statistics and community reviews.

Ocean Pines

Situated in Worcester County, Ocean Pines has grown popular for its serene ambiance, beautiful landscapes, and low crime rates. The city boasts a robust community spirit, with a well-equipped police department committed to maintaining peace and security.


Located in Carroll County, Hampstead has consistently ranked among the safest cities in Maryland. The local law enforcement agencies work diligently with the community to foster trust and ensure public safety.


Another gem from Carroll County, Taneytown is known for its quaint charm and negligible crime rates. The active neighborhood watch programs and community participation in safety initiatives further solidify its spot on this list.


Located in Prince George’s County, Glenarden has seen a substantial decline in crime over the past few years, thanks to proactive policing and community outreach programs.

Mount Airy

Straddling both Frederick and Carroll counties, Mount Airy’s local community is very involved in the city’s safety initiatives. The collaboration between residents and law enforcement has made it one of the safest cities in Maryland for families.


Nestled in the Appalachian Mountains, Frostburg, in Allegany County, has a small-town charm and a strong sense of community. Its commitment to safety is evident from the low crime rates and active community engagement programs.


This city in Frederick County boasts an active community presence and a vigilant police force, ensuring that its crime rates remain low. Thurmont’s residents take pride in their city’s safety record and regularly participate in community watch programs.

Safest Cities and the Contributing Factors to Safety:

Community Engagement: One of the significant factors contributing to the safety of these cities is the active involvement of the community. Many of these cities have strong neighborhood watch programs, which help in keeping an eye out for any unusual activity.

Proactive Policing: The law enforcement agencies in these cities often engage in proactive policing, which helps in preventing crimes rather than just responding to them. Regular community outreach and transparency have also played a crucial role in building trust between the police and the residents.

Education and Awareness: Many of the cities invest in educating their residents about safety precautions, leading to more informed and vigilant citizens.

Urban Planning: Proper city planning, well-lit streets, and surveillance systems in public spaces have also been instrumental in deterring crime in many of these cities.

While Maryland, like any other state, has its challenges concerning safety and crime, these cities exemplify how proactive measures, community involvement, and dedicated law enforcement can create safe havens for residents. If you’re considering relocating within Maryland or just visiting, these cities stand out as some of the safest options.